VideoVelocity 2.0

A simple to use, feature-packed time-lapse video software recorder
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VideoVelocity is a simple to use, feature-packed time-lapse video software recorder that does what it’s meant to. Fine-grain control without sacrificed usability.
Featuring a modern interface, plenty of recording options, any webcam compatibility, 1080p - HD video, motion detection, timestamp and an automation interface.

Main Features :

- Any Webcam : Works with any webcam or video camera attached to the computer. Mount it in your office, out your window, in your car or on the roof. It even does 1080p full HD recording!
- Simple to Start : Launch VideoVelocity, give your recording session a name and you're ready to capture high resolution video. It's that simple.
- Fast to Finish : Record straight to a high-quality video file. Your video is easy to post on the web or share with friends.
- Precision Controls : Easy adjustment of recording options such as frame rate, capture interval and resolution. Record in HD resolutions for crisp full-screen video and at high frame-rates of 60fps for fluid like motion. Other features include video date imprint/timestamp, motion sensitive recording, video from image utility, an automation API and the ability to record a JPEG or PNG file sequence.
- Automation : Geeks love to automate. VideoVelocity supports full programatic control through the command line. You can start and stop multiple recording sessions using a script or a custom program, or use the Windows Task Sheduler.

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